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The International Conference on Mechanical Manufacturing, Robotics and Control Engineering (MMRCE 2024) accepts original and unpublished papers. Topics include but are not limited to:

Manufacturing mechatronics integration

Mechanical Systems Engineering


Micro nano mechatronics integration

Mining robots

Mobile robot

Modeling and simulation scheduling

Modeling of human sensory and motor systems

Navigation, positioning, operation

Rehabilitation robot system, neural robot, wearable robot

Intelligent robot

Robotics and Biomechanics

Robotics and Mechanical Engineering

Robotics and Automation

Sensor design, sensor fusion, sensor networks

Sensor development


Sensors and actuators

Sensors and Applications

Signal and Image Processing

Principles and Technologies of Automatic Control

Artificial intelligence

Intelligent control

Fuzzy Control and Its Applications

Modeling, optimization, simulation, and experimentation of robot systems

Remote operation, remote robots, tactile and semi-autonomous systems